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Welcome to the Alexander Hamilton Academy for Young Women. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, this all-girl university is renowned for its diverse educational programs and ivy league level of professionalism. However, there's more that goes on here than what one sees on the surface. Jump into a world of classes, coffee houses, and truly ridiculous college parties to see what the hallowed halls of Alexander Hamilton have in store for you!

Okay. So now that the super-cheesy introduction is over, let us lay it out for you in simpler terms. What if all the boys in bandom were girls? What if they went to an all-girls school together? Yeah. Our point, exactly. Choose your favorite bandom boy from our list of characters - posted at the OOC community under the 'characters' tag - flip him around, make him a girl, and let the games begin. Popular belief is that girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Are you going to prove everyone right? Or wrong?

The OOC community has all the information necessary to apply to the game, and is open to any and all questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.

Just a forewarning: this is a game set at a university, so there will be adult themes explored in certain storylines. If you're under the legal age to be viewing these types of things in your country, we ask that you please steer clear of them here, too. Thank you, and enjoy!
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